This article covers what design pattern is and its different categories with one example.

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Recently, I mentioned to someone who is a software developer that I am reading an article on Design Patterns. And the look I got was — What’s that? I checked with few other developers and the responses were more or less similar. To cut the long story short, I came to know that many developers are not aware of the design patterns concept at all or have just heard the terms or confuse them with design principles. Disclaimer: I am talking about developers with experience of less than 3–4 years, and it’s not true for all developers. So, I thought…

A Step by Step framework to crack Machine Learning System Design questions. Most of the candidates ignore this. Hence, they face rejections. In this blog, I have tried to cover the system design part and other areas that people ignore.

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I have been in constant touch with aspiring data scientists, freshers (with experience under1–2 years), or someone interested in transitioning to the data science field. Recently, many of these people have reached out to me for the ML interview. I have shared my experiences and knowledge with a few of them. Later, I started getting many requests, and explaining to everyone one by one was not feasible. Hence, I thought to write a quick but little detailed blog on the same. …

People quote the rise in the total COVID-19 cases rise alone as the indicator situation getting worse or use only the total cases to compare two regions’ situation but is that the right way to do the comparison? In this article, I briefly cover the major variable that people are missing.

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It’s good to be correct though I have always believed it’s good to be correct only if your reasoning behind your answer is also right. Sometimes, we do faulty analysis but conclude something correctly. I believe something similar is happening with the Covid-19 situation too. Most of the people are just looking at the total number of cases to date and are providing their comments. I am not saying the total number of cases is insignificant or of no use though just looking at the absolute total cases to date can be misleading too.

This is a quick article just…

Everything you need to know about the bias, the variance and the trade-off.

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Most of the people, if not all, working in machine learning have heard the phrase “bias-variance tradeoff”. But what I have observed while interviewing or discussing with the ML or data science engineers that most of us are not even clear on what bias and variance mean in the above phrase, forget about understanding the tradeoff.

In this article, I will use two approaches to explain ‘bias’, ‘variance’ and ‘the bias-variance tradeoff’ — the first approach will be a conceptual explanation with reference to the day to day life examples so that even a common man who has no background…

Recently I was having a discussion with my office colleagues regarding the Ad-Tech ecosystem and I realized that most of the newcomers, in fact even the mid-level engineers don’t have clarity on the basic parties involved in a Programmatic Advertising ecosystem. I find similar unawareness among my friends who works in different domains, most of the general audience won’t understand the complexity and different players involved in online programmatic advertising. …

A month back I was having a discussion with one of my female friends regarding the ban on porn, every now and then, in India. We debated on various aspects of it and after some time, as usually happens in a friend’s group discussion, other friends pulled us out of the discussion and our discussion remained unfinished. But during the discussion, there was a question- “How does Porn affect our sex life?” While having the discussion over this question I realized that the majority of the people present there haven’t even thought from this perspective! It’s been mostly liked or…

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